Hello + welcome! I’m Amanda, a Milwaukee based photographer specializing in families and weddings.  I’m a wife with a new babe and am obsessed with coffee, wine and dogs. Most days, you can find me in the corporate world as a graphic/web designer. When I’m not at work or behind the camera, you can find me in comfy clothes, working on photos, eating food (because, duh, who doesn’t love food), trying to figure out how to decorate our newly built house or snuggled up next to my firefighting, life-saving husband of 6+ years and our 3 (yes, three) large puppies.

I believe that everyone has a unique and personal style. My goal as a photographer is to capture that style as well as the unique amounts of love + laughter that my clients have. For that reason, I want my clients to be themselves. I know, I know. Being in front of a camera is awkward. Believe me, I’m rarely on the other side of the camera so I feel ya! My job is to make sure my clients have fun in front of the camera. So what does this mean for you? Nothing. It simply means that I run around like a goofball and make you laugh at my awkward posing techniques. But don’t worry, I try not to completely pose you as I’d prefer that you look like natural human beings ;)